Water Treatment


AQUATREAT has a wide range of water supply services meeting commercial, industrial, municipal and agricultural needs.

These services include studies for determination of the quantity and quality of available sources, current and future supply requirements.

AQUATREAT treatment plants are designed to provide high quality water to ensure maximum safety for consumer.

AQUATREAT have supplied systems and services to customers in ultra-pure, potable, dialysis, pharmaceutical, water recycle, and numerous other applications.

AQUATREAT's philosophy consists of developing and improving in house our own processes and technologies. Consequently our own processes are available for the most important treatment methods which can be optimally adapted to the following applications:

  • Removal of iron and manganese
  • Lamella settlers
  • Nitrate removal
  • Removal of sulfur
  • Removal of acidity and alkalinity
  • Removal of pesticides
  • Coarse filtering and coarse screening
  • Fine sand filtration
  • Dual and multimedia polishing filters
  • Flocculation and sedimentation
  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Softening and ion exchange demineralization
  • Ultrafiltration and microfiltration
  • Ozonation and UV sterilization