Water Desalination


AQUATREAT offers complete treatment plants using membrane systems providing consulting, design, engineering, market research, laboratory testing, pilot plant testing, and training for desalination plants. AQUATREAT's Membrane Based plants use quality components for systems reliability, precision engineering for performance and are simple to operate and maintain. AQUATREAT's systems are designed for reliable and trouble free operation.

AQUATREAT's desalination plants are used for removal of dissolved solids ranging from 1000 ppm to more than 50,000 ppm with capacities ranging from 100 gallons to millions of gallons per day, treating municipal, well, surface and sea water. Such systems can be pre-packaged or assembled on site.

AQUATREAT offers fast response, well designed plants with quality components, complete installation, operation and commissioning manuals, full technical assistance and support, training of client’s technicians and engineers, competitive prices and quick delivery, in addition to detailed proposal including flow diagrams, equipment listing, equipment specifications, process description, materials of construction and other information.