Biogas Plant


Waste Treatment and Biogas plants

Mechanical-biological waste treatment allows the extensive recycling of valuable substances from municipal solid waste. Just like biowaste treatment, intensified fermentation is the most important process ensuring the stabilization of the waste fraction with high organic load and the production of biogas.

AQUATREAT's activities also cover remediation of contaminated sites and landfill engineering. AQUATREAT offers innovative and economic solutions for demolition, soil replacement and containment for industrial sites, military sites and landfills. AQUATREAT is capable of not only rehabilitating landfills but also of operation of landfills as well as post-operative monitoring, utilization and incineration of landfill gas. AQUATREAT can provide tailor made plants for the utilization and thermal oxidation of digester and biogas. The comprehensive range of services offered covers engineering, remediation, waste disposal, supply and operation of processing plants and execution of complex remediation measures.