Background & History

About Us

In history of water treatment, engineering constitutes a rich scientific and technical adventure whose pioneers were inventors, hydraulic experts, engineers and architects.

The growing importance of environmental issues and their impact on our life has given rise to the need for investments and development of engineering solutions to problems overlooked thus far. The increase in population along with the fast growing industrial sector has caused the deterioration of the scarce water supplies, resulting in the eruption of the need for treating water and wastewater.

Fascinated by the rich history and great achievements, AQUATREAT was established as an engineering company specialized in water and wastewater and bio-solids.

AQUATREAT has grown from a small fabrication shop building small skid mounted Filters, Softeners and Reverse Osmosis units to a collection of semi-independent, loosely connected companies each having its own independent characteristic.

AQUATREAT through its Business Units offers our clients a comprehensive service covering all aspects of the treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial effluents, and the treatment and disposal of all associated sludge as well as purification, conveyance and desalination of water.

AQUATREAT Group operations cover project engineering, supply, implementation and building turnkey plants to suit client’s requirements. The company’s activities range from offering water solutions for households, skid mounted water and wastewater purification plants to multi-million gallon custom built plants.

Despite its fairly short history AQUATREAT has managed to engineer, manufacture, install and service over 2,000 water and wastewater plants.

AQUATREAT offers fast response, well designed systems with quality components, quick delivery, complete installations, commissioning and operation.