Environmental Policy

About Us

AQUATREAT considers the protection of environment among the top of its priorities and from that standpoint it opted to integrate it throughout all the various aspects of its operations.

AQUATREAT is regulated by Jordanian environmental legislation and regulations and will comply with all commitments to which the company subscribes.

Having thoroughly reviewed the environmental effects of AQUATREAT operations/activities, and considered the nature of the company’s business, financial requirements and technically available options, combined with views of interested parties, AQUATREAT has established the following environmental objectives, which will be periodically reviewed:

  • Instilling a sense of environmental awareness into all employees, while offering them the appropriate environmental management training to further assist them in improving their skills and practices to ultimately contribute to the minimization of the local and global impact on the environment.
  • Managing emissions released into the air, water or land, as well as managing our solid wastes in such a manner that will ultimately result in the reduction of their impact on the environment.

The above objectives will be regularly audited in order to monitor AQUATREAT achievements with its commitments towards pollution prevention and continued improvement of its performance.