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At first sight there seems to be enough water around, but in reality the supply is limited. In fact, only 3% of the approximately 1.4 billion cubic meters of water on this planet is fresh water.  Most of which is in the form of polar ice. Thus, only 0.3% of water resources worldwide are actually potable. About 20% of the world's population has no access to clean drinking water. 50% have no access to sewage collection and treatment. Additionally, 30 countries are considered below the water poverty line. This number is expected to reach 40 in less than 20 years.

Offering complete services from engineering to commissioning, AQUATREAT can design and build complete turnkey desalination, water, wastewater treatment facilities.

Today, more than ever, innovative technologies are needed. They must be capable of providing ecological and economical solutions for the active protection of the environment.

AQUATREAT engineering & construction companies specializes in environment technology, in the fields of water and wastewater treatment, desalination technologies, contaminated sites and landfill technologies.

AQUATREAT is a regional leader in the engineering, design, project management, execution, operation and maintenance of construction projects for water turnkey facilities.

In order to properly service its customers, understand their needs and provide them with optimal solutions, AQUATREAT has established offices in Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Palestine.

AQUATREAT expertise tackles all beneficiaries and users of the water and wastewater sectors.