Concessions & Management


General Presentation

AquaTreat is a specialized operation and maintenance service company in the area of water and wastewater treatment plants. The company offers a complete solution through consultation, operation and maintenance services in the treatment of drinking and industrial water, municipal sewage plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants, desalination water treatment plants, plants for cooling water treatment and hydropower plants in the Middle East and North Africa. AquaTreat offers a full service package that guarantees maximum operational safety while at the same time committing to excellence. The company's workforce ensures its customers are fully satisfied with its full service concept.

AquaTreat provides professional, specialized and full service in the fields of:

  • Municipal sewage plants
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Desalination water treatment plants
  • Plants for the treatment of organic or domestic refuse
  • Plants for cooling water treatment
  • Hydropower plants

Our traditional services

Operation Management

Construction, commissioning, maintenance and repair of machines and plants for water, sewage and sludge treatment have been the core business of our parent companies for more than 100 years. The individual know how in constructing plants and machinery, as well as in electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering of our parent companies. Therefore, you can find the specialists for the operation of the plants with us. You have clean interfaces enabling you to concentrate on your core business and you may trust the reliable and competent operation management of your plants with calculable low shorts on a long –term basis. We offer our customers individual service models for the economic operation of plants. This full service package guarantees maximum operational safety whilst at the same time reducing running costs.


Each plant has different requirements of inspection and maintenance. Our individual coordination takes place prior to commencement of the works in order to avoid unnecessary expenses for the client, however, ensuring the necessary safety.


Should there occur any breakdown in spite of best maintenance, our service team will be at site within shortest time. Our staff is always up-to-date due to continuous further education.


In case of renewals and expansions of plants or equipments at issue, refurbishment measures may turn out to be just as efficient and reasonable. Why replace a practically indestructible basis substance completely by a new one, often being less high-graded, if you can achieve a perfectly functioning plant by replacing only a few wear and tear as well as spare parts?

As a regional operating company, we have specialized in reconstruction and overhaul of plants in the water, wastewater and waste treatment sector. Thanks to our long-standing experience of assembly, inspection, commissioning, maintenance and repairs, we understand the needs of our clients and know how important quality service is.

Landfill degasification plants

We are an expanding and innovative company operating in the field of environmental and landfill technology. We have acquired excellent engineering knowledge of the process technology and other relevant technology needed to collect and utilize landfill gas to include:

  • Disposal and utilization plants
  • Services
  • Landfill technology
  • Leasing of mobile units
  • Electrical, automation, measuring and analysis technology

Our know-how

In the field of disposal and utilization plants

  • Stationary gas exhaustion plants as well as hire units and testing plants for hazard control, exhaust tests, remediation tasks and landfill degasification;
  • High-temperature flares with temperatures of up to 1.200˚C and flue gas retention time of at least 0.3 sec. in accordance with TA-Luft (German regulation for air pollution control) for landfill, digester, biogas, lean and mine gas;
  • Lean gas utilization plants using non-catalytic, regenerative, thermal oxidation Depotherm;
  • Biofilter systems for various purpose;
  • Gas engine units (CHPs) used to convert produced gas into electricity

In the field of electrical, control and analysis technology

  • Process control systems, analysis systems, gas warning devices and measuring data acquisition systems;
  • Complete planning of landfill exhaustion utilization plants using the best available safety techniques;
  • Documentation and construction site supervision;
  • Software programming for standers or special solutions for new and existing PLC systems;
  • Continuously measure gas analysis for the gas components CH4, CO2, O2

In the field of service

  • Management and operation of disposal and utilization plants;
  • Electrical and measuring equipment supervision of leakage treatment plants;
  • After-sale maintenance -contracting of old and /or closed landfills in the landfill gas field;
  • Services according to German self-monitoring regulations;
  • Pre-examinations such as FID-readings and soil air reading as well as calculations of gas emissions and of gas productions;
  • Exhaustion tests at landfills and contaminated sites without our own plants;
  • Maintenance, servicing and upkeep of landfill, digester gas, lean and biogas plants;
  • Leachate pump tests at landfills and contaminated sites;
  • Analysis of trace gases and condensate.

 In the field of landfill technology

  • Delivery and installation of leachate tank systems;
  • Delivery and installation of condensate collection tanks with monitoring devices;
  • Construction of gas collection system; construction of gas wells and combination wells for gas and leachate;
  • Delivery of gas regulation stations.