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Design, Build, Operate And Transfer Of A Sea Water Desalination Plant Of 500 Cubic Meter / Hour At KEMAPCO Site In Aqaba

AquaTeat has been awarded the first sea water desalination plant to be  installed in Jordan with a capacity of 500 m3/hr (4,500,000 m3/yr). The tender was announced by the Minister of Water and Irrigation Dr. Hazem Al Nasir in September 2015 in the local newspapers and media. The project was tendered to resolve part of Jordan’s water deficiency problems and to find new water sources and innovative solutions to meet the increasing demand for potable water.

Client: KEMAPCO (Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries) and Aqaba Water Company (AWC)

Concession period: 7 years

Brief about the project:

KEMAPCO; Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries Ltd is a limited liability company, fully owned by Arab Potash Company. KEMAPCO has a plant production capacity of 150,000 tons annually of Potassium Nitrate (NOP) fertilizer, and up to 60,000 tons annually in batches of Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP), animal feed additive and Nitric Acid that is currently used for internal consumption up to 115,000 tons annually.

KEMAPCO, is located in Aqaba- Jordan. The site is about 25 Km south from the center of Aqaba City and less than 40 Km from the nearest Airport, King Hussain International Airport.

As Jordan is characterized by its sever water scarcity, finding new water resources is an essential need. The Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries (KEMAPCO) under the umbrella of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation desires to exploit the sea water used for cooling in KEMAPCO so it can be used for drinking & process purposes and wishes to adopt the Build – Operate – Transfer (BOT) model.

AquaTreat will design, build and operate the new seawater desalination plant for a period of seven years. The plant will be transferred to the client at the end of project period. The plant is designed for 12,000 cubic meters per day as daily product flow.

The desalinated water will be purchased by KEMAPCO with total amount of 150 m3/hr to be used by KEMAPCO and by Aqaba Water Company with total amount of 350 m3/hr.

The Raw Sea Water has high salinity which reaches up to around 42,000 mg/l and various range of temperatures. The project also involves the delivery of the raw water from the intake point to the Water Treatment Plant and the disposal of the generated brine back to the sea by sending it to the existing discharge pit.