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Amidy Water Supply Project

Amidy Water Supply Project is located in Duhuk Governorate of Kurdistan - Iraq. A O&M project built in 2014 for Arison The Lebanese Company for Development client. The intent of the Water Project is to secure potable water supply to the majority of the neighboring villages (6 villages).  The project consist of a river intake, a potable water treatment plant, three booster pumping stations, four potable water storage tanks and 86.8 km of pumping and transmission lines. The total design capacity of the project is 2,400 m3/hr (57,600 m3/day).

AquaTreat is in charge of the Management, Operation and Maintenance of the plant for a period of two years.

The plant treatment steps are:

  • Disinfection (chorine disinfection)
  • Influent metering and rapid mix
  • Coagulation using alum and polymer
  • Flocculation
  • Sedimentation (circular sedimentation tank)
  • Gravity Filtration
  • Overhead Power Lines
  • Pump Stations & Pipe Mains
  • 28 Treated Water Storage Tanks